Kimber is a 3-year-old 65-70 pound black female. Kimber is the founder of our program, setting the bar high for our upcoming females. She is a loving, driven dog, whose goal in life is to please whomever she is with. Whether it is in the water retrieving birds, or hanging out on the couch watching TV all day.


Benelli is a 2-year-old 50-55 pound chocolate female. She is just a sweetheart of a dog. Benelli, much like Kimber, also has a must please attitude, whether it is following by your side wherever you go to make sure you're safe, or bringing back whatever you throw for her. Benelli loves new puppies — in fact, she helps raise all of ours for us. She also loves children.


Trooper is a 7-year-old yellow lab male. Kimber Creek uses this handsome boy for a stud. Trooper loves to hunt, and he will point, flush, and retrieve. He is a true gentleman in the field and the house. He loves to look over "his" house and make sure everything and everyone are in order.


Gator is a one-year-old yellow male. He is our up and coming stud dog when he comes of age. More information will be available once Gator matures.


River, a yellow female, is our latest arrival. We are looking forward to watching this sweet puppy grow.









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We are so thankful for your love for and interest in

our farm-raised awesome Aussies!

 We will begin accepting reservations and deposits
for our late 2021, early 2022 litters

beginning in July.


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