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Kovu was my first mini. A gorgeous blue merle male, Kovu is a super happy boy and loves to get all the pats and praise. He is from show lines, and both of his parents are titled. He weighs about 40 pounds and he is about “ inches tall at the withers. He is genetically a complete clear panel.


Zira is a beautiful red tri female with crystal blue eyes. Her father was a toy and her mother a mini, She is on the smaller side weighing in around 20 pounds and she is “ inches tall at the withers. Her parents compete in agility. She is a total love bug and enjoys all the attention anyone will give her, she will sit in your lap all day if allowed.

Zazu is a beautiful black tri female with crystal clear blue eyes. She is a total mush! She is a full sister to Zira, she weighs in at about 15 pounds, and is “ inches high at the withers. Her favorite things to do are snuggling in someone’s arms or lap getting all the loving, or hanging out and playing with her sister.


Sarabi is a beautiful black tricolor female with chocolate brown eyes. She comes from show lines as well and her parents are titled. Sarabi is a ball of fun, loves all the attention she can get — with people or her other pack mates. She is genetically a complete clear panel.

How do Miniature American Shepherds differ from standard Aussies?

The Miniature American Shepherd derived from breeding down Australian Shepherds to get smaller dogs, they are just as awesome and trainable, and smart as the Standard Aussies, but are a great option for adopters who live in apartments or places where they have a weight restriction rule for dogs in the complex, or just for adopters who love the Australian Shepherd.

Let’s get to know Shannon Pleines

and her dogs!

What’s your favorite thing about the breed?

They are so intelligent and super smart! They learn things so very quickly, and their personalities are so much fun to be around. Each and every one of them are so beautiful and special in their own way.

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© 2023  Tini Thyme Mini Aussies

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