Puppy Packages


PUPPY JUMP START PACKAGE 8-14 weeks of age

The Jump Start package is designed with the the busy family in mind. We understand that crate training requires sleepless nights and long days. This program gives us the time to do that for you. Your puppy will go home with the same expectations as the newborn package plus the added bonus of having your puppy sleep through the night. You new puppy will also be introduced to out side potty training via the bell system. Keep in mind that a new born puppy, just like a baby, will have difficulty holding their bladder until about 14 to 16 weeks of age. Although we encourage weekly visitations, video and photo documentation will be sent biweekly. Your puppy will visit a licensed vet for a wellness check and his/her last set of the three puppy shots, rabies, and micro chipping at 14 weeks old.

Adoption fee $3,575 (includes the $2,300 adoption fee)

GOOD PUPPY PACKAGE 14-20 weeks of age

This program is an extension of the Jump Start package. It was created by listening to our clients wants and needs. Many potential adopters are looking for a well started puppy to add to their active life styles. We understand this could be a challenge for some families. We want our puppies to have the best start available and are here to help you with this time consuming process. Your puppy will go home to you sleeping through the night, and well as on his or her way to being potty trained. He or she will be introduced to and have an understanding of the hand and voice signals for sit, stay, lie down, and here. We will spend time with you at your weekly or biweekly visits and go over the commands as well as show you your puppy’s training progress. 

Adoption fee $4,700 (includes the $2,300 adoption fee)


FINISHED PUPPY PACKAGE 20-26 weeks of age

Looking for the more than perfect puppy? This package offers all of the above with the gentle start of his or her agility training.Your puppy will go home finished through the above packages and also will be introduced to the obstacles of an agility course. 

Adoption fee $5,250 (includes the $2,300 adoption fee)